Like most people, in the weeks leading up to my birthday I begin to make a lengthy wish list and not-to-subtly leave it lying around for friends & family to see. I do the same thing every year and have my “surprised” face pretty much down by now. Picking out my own gifts has become such a routine that I forgot what it feels like to genuinely be surprised when opening a present. This year, I received such an awesome and unexpected gift that I just had to share it with you all.

Delicate and delightful; Mahana bracelets are comprised of unique stones that are beautiful in more ways than one – each bead holds a different meaning. Positivity, wellness and love are just a few of the intentions you can stylishly wear proudly on your wrist.

Mahana Intention Beads are made with exotic lava beads formed by ancient volcanoes. These grounding stones give the wearer strength and stability in times of change and provide guidance and clarity in difficult situations. They can strengthen one’s connection with mother earth and life purpose. Adding a personal touch makes these beads a powerful tool to bring you YOUR intention.

“Mahana is derived from the Tahitian word meaning the Light of Day and we believe every day is filled with new possibilities.”

I have friends that swear by these beauties and won’t complete an outfit without a stack of bracelets and I now understand why. Mahana puts the ‘precious’ in precious stones.

Celebrate my birthday weekend with me and take 10% off your Mahana order! Use code MILLIE and shop HERE

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