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Every few years, I will take a trip to Miami, Florida for a little get away. Last year I met my cousins from London in Miami as Florida is a great meeting point. I always stay at the same hotel, The Fountain Bleu. It has always been a very popular and beautiful hotel in Miami but has recently been renovated so its extra swanky. It is located right on Lincoln Blvd so there is easy access to shops and nightlife, it even has some great clubs inside the hotel. This sexy little hotel has beautiful rooms, a great pool area and is also located right on the beach, what more could you ask for?


My absolute favorite restaurant in Miami is called “Joe’s Stone Crabs.” There are now around 3 of these restaurants throughout the country but the Miami spot is the original and also the best. They have the most incredible crabs, obviously and other delicious seafood. When you sit down they will bring you a bread basket which includes my personal fave… warm pretzel bread! Things to order at Joe’s are the crab bisque, the crab cakes, the alaskan king crabs legs and for desert the key lime pie. I am not a lime or pie fan but they are famous for this desert, so I had to try it and I loved it!


I usually go to Miami for a relaxing beach/pool vacation but there are things to do if you get bored at the beach. The Versace Mansion was Gianni Versace’s home and also where he was murdered. Its the most beautiful building and is so…Versace! It is known as a historical landmark in Miami. There is also a holocaust memorial which is interesting to see. A nice thing to do is take a stroll down Lincoln Blvd which is a busy outdoor high street with many shops and restaurants, kind of like 3rd St. Promenade.


While you’re in Florida you should probably hit up Disneyworld right?! Orland is a 4 hour drive from Miami and totally worth it! I would go to Disney world for at least 4 days as there are so many parks and they are all huge. My personal favorite is Ebcot.

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