No Carbs Before Marbs

Growing up, I would spent a lot of time in Marbella, Spain because my family owns a house there, very close to Puerto Banus. I have countless memories of exploring Marbella as a child.

The vibe in Marbella is amazing, families enjoying beach vacations, young people going crazy in bars and clubs and foodies indulging in fresh fish and paella. Marbella has something for everyone. Most people spend a lot of their time in Marbella at Puerto Banus. This is the main area where all the shops, restaurants, hotels and nightlife is.

One of my favorite things to do in Marbella is visit the bullring market on a Saturday morning from 9am-2. Located at Puerto Banus, the street market is filled with local foods, great souvenirs, jewelry, art and knockoff designer purses. There are also street performers and henna tattoo artists around. As a kid I have many memories of getting my hair braided here…at the time I thought I looked great.



If you miss the bullring market on a Saturday because you are relaxing at the beach or recovering from the previous night, there is also a great one in San Pedro on Thursdays. It’s the same kind of idea but the vibe is very different. I love San Pedro for all the little cobbled streets and the most amazing authentic Spanish restaurants.

You wouldn’t leave Spain without trying the country’s signature desert now would you? This place has the BEST CHURROS EVER. Orange Square is a divine little area in Marbella. I like it because it is not so touristy like Puerto Baus. The square has lots of narrow little cobbled streets filled with a15 Churros con chocolateuthentic Spanish restaurants, tapas bars, boutiques and specialty stores. Churreria Ramon is where to get the most delicious churro EVER. In the US, churros are seen more as a desert but in Spain they actually eat them for breakfast as well. They serve them with hot chocolate for dipping and also have the most amazing freshly squeezed orange juice in the world. Paying a visit to Orange Square and eating here is a must!

Marbella really is a wonderful place for a little bit of everything, perfect for a summer vacation. I can’t wait to go back again and relive all of the amazing memories from my childhood.

Adios Amigos xx

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