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Last year Jake and I took a trip to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It was surprisingly my first time visiting Mexico. It is only a two hour flight from Los Angeles so it is super easy to get there. We went for a week but you could totally do it for a relaxing long weekend. I chose Puerto Vallarta as it is not as touristy as other parts of Mexico like Cabo or Cancun, although the new “it” place in Mexico seems to be Tulum and I would love to visit there one day.


We stayed at the Westin Resort & Spa, Puerto Vallarta. It was a great choice and a great price. It is a really stunning hotel right on the beach with beautiful rooms. We had a gorgeous view of the pool and the beach from our room.

There were various fun things to do at the resort. We had couples massages in the spa one day and went jet skiing on another. By far the best day was when we took a boat trip to the Marietta Islands. Marietta Islands is also known as “The Hidden Beach”. It is a tiny beach that was created from a bomb explosion! The water is amazing. You can only access the beach when the tide is low as you have to swim through a small hole in the rock…quite daunting but totally worth it.


It takes about 2 hours on the boat to get to the Island, but the boat has a big deck which is really nice to relax and lay out on. The best part about the day trip were the staff that worked on the boat. We went through a group called “Vallarta Adventures” and I highly recommend them.


Throughout the day, while we were sailing, we did various activities like snorkeling and stopping off at other well known swimming spots.

As I mentioned,  getting onto the island is quite an adventure in itself as you have to swim through a small hole. The staff were so helpful when doing this and with the other activities. On top of how helpful they were they are also hilarious and made the boat trip so much fun. They had funny dances and acts planned throughout the whole day which was the cherry on top! IMG_0211

This was definitely the highlight of our trip to Puerto Vallarta and a must for anyone planning a visit there!

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