Beer & Bratwürst

Last winter, Jake & I took a trip to Berlin, Germany. I was stoked to go to Berlin, mainly because it was a last minute, impulsive decision and Berlin was never really on my list of places to go, so the unknown was exciting.

When we landed it was freezing, which in my opinion makes any city a little less enjoyable. We arrived at our hotel, the Hotel Palace Berlin which was beautiful. The staff were very friendly and helpful and spoke excellent english. The location was also prime and there was a city tour bus that stops outside the hotel every 15 minuets. Perfection for first time tourists. I would definitely recommend this hotel.

We wasted no time, hopped straight on the tour bus to start seeing Berlin. First stop was the Berliner Dom, the most stunning cathedral I have ever seen. Unlike cities like Rome & Paris, Berlin is very modern and the buildings are very new. Berlin was obviously very affected by WW2 so much of the city is still under construction and the style is very contemporary. The Berliner Dom stuck out like a sore thumb as it is still as it was when built in 1894.

Just a few blocks away from the Berliner Dom is Brandenburg Gate, one of Berlin’s major attractions. It was originally built as a sign of peace, but was damaged during the war. In 2002 it was restored. It is considered a historical monument and also a symbol of unity and peace between Germany and Europe. Its so beautiful and a great place to take a selfie!

In between all of the tourism, we made it our mission to try some of the country’s native food. Right by the gate we found a currywurst stand. Being a foodie, I will pretty much try anything once, especially if I am traveling. Currywurst was not my thing. Infact, right now I couldn’t think of anything worse! Although I was not a fan, I highly recommend trying it if traveling to Germany, I’m glad I did.

Although extremely sad and depressing, the best things I saw were the Holocaust Memorial and the Jewish Museum. Being Jewish, seeing these monuments were very raw. No matter what your religion is, I highly recommend going to these. It is a major part of history and to see it where it actually happened is very touching. What I liked most about the Jewish Museum, was after seeing all of the history of what the jews went through, the exhibition ended with the successes of the jews since the holocaust and how far they have come. The museum exhibited famous artists, musicians, businessmen etc. I actually left feeling very inspired.

No trip is complete without a traditional native meal. Our hotel recommended us to a great traditional German restaurant. Jake and I ordered a beer each and naturally, one of Germany’s signature dishes, schnitzel. Overall it was good but It is safe to say I am not a fan of German food!

Although Berlin is not known as a major shopping city. We strolled along the famous shopping avenue, Kurfurstendamm. The street was actually modeled off of the Champs Èlysèes. Kurfurstendamm is the place if you’re looking for high end designers or would just like a walk down one of Berlin’s famous avenues.

Overall I had a great time in Berlin. I have spoken to many people who absolutely loved it and can’t wait to go back and visit. I am in no rush to go back to Berlin as it was’t one of my favorite cities. That being said, I am sure there is SO much that I didn’t get to explore as I was only there for a short time. I highly recommend visiting Berlin, for the history if anything! I am so glad I went and I’ve learned that even if you don’t enjoy certain cities, it is a gift that you even got to go there in the first place. There is no greater gift than the gift of travel. Freilos! xx

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