When In Rome

If you want to go to a city where the food and fashion is as inspiring as the breathtaking scenery, go to Rome, Italy. As I previously mentioned, Paris is my favorite city in Europe but as a whole, I would say Italy is my favorite country.

Throughout the whole country, each city is completely different from the next, which I absolutely love.

We stayed at Hotel Pincio, a little boutique hotel right behind the Spanish Steps. The hotel was located very high up so we had an incredible view of the city, and they provided us with a complimentary breakfast on the rooftop of the hotel in the mornings- in my opinion, this is how every morning should begin!

What some people don’t know about Rome is how tiny it is. You can pretty much walk the whole city without having to use any transportation. This is convenient because the public transportation and metro in Rome is very old and unreliable unlike in cities like Paris and London.

The one monument I recommend transportation for is the Vatican. Located in Vatican City, which is technically considered its own country and not a part of Italy, the Pope’s home is truly phenomenal. The Vatican is completely free if you are going to view the cathedral, but getting into the Vatican Museum where the Sistine Chapel is located will cost you 20 euros. I would say it is the most special place to visit in Rome.

Another must see in Rome is of course the Colosseum. After I got over the excitement of seeing where Lizzie Mcguire performed her debut song, I couldn’t believe how incredible it was. It is hard to comprehend how old the Colosseum is, I highly recommend taking the guided tour as the guides will explain the history of the famous amphitheater.

The Spanish Steps are the famous steps in the Piazza Di Spagna. If you walk to the top you get the most stunning view of Rome. Below the steps in the Piazza is a great place to walk around and see some of the original Italian fashion houses or get a cappuccino at one of the many quaint little cafes. The best streets to shop for Italian designers would be Via Del Corso, Via Borgognona and Via Frattina, all walking distance from the steps.

It would not be a trip to Rome if you did not get a chance to indulge in some gelato. I ate my way through Rome and ate at countless Gelato shoppes but my favorite was called “Gelateria Origini.” It is easy to locate as it is right outside the Pantheon, another famous building you must see in Rome. I loved the strawberry gelato so much that I went back on another day to have some more!

I wish I could narrow down where to eat in Rome but it is truly impossible. Everywhere we ate from family ran Italian restaurants to cafe’s to sandwich shops or pizzeria’s, every single place put american food to shame! I ate my body weight in pasta every day and did not get tired of eating it. The food is much lighter and more fresh in Italy and walking all day definitely helps you burn it off.

I encourage everyone to visit Rome not only for the delicious food but the wonderful history and culture that comes from here. I can’t wait to explore other parts of Italy, but for now, arrivederci! xx

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