Hand Luggage Essentials

How is it June already? I can’t believe it was 6 months ago we were bringing in the new year. I have been waiting patiently since January for it to be June and it finally is! Next week Jake & I will be going on another adventure, exploring cities in Spain & Greece.

About a week before I travel, I always start to freak out about packing. It has to be the worst part about traveling right? I am a renowned over-packer, which has proven to be a pain time and time again, especially when hopping on planes and train all the time. This time I have made a promise to myself to pack sensibly and efficiently. I will let you know how that goes…

The one thing I have become a pro at is how to pack your hand luggage. Especially when on long flights, it is so important to have all of your essentials on hand. So what do I take with me?


Chapstick – My lips always get insanely dry on a plane and theres nothing worse than chapped lips. I carry chapstick with me wherever I go but especially on a plane. My favorite brand is Nivea.

Headphones – Although they usually provide them, you never know. I am flying Norwegian Air for the first time next week and apparently you have to pay for headphones ( I will let you know). I am sure that your personal ones are much better quality anyway.

Face wipes – I can’t live without my Neutrogena face wipes and I have to have them on hand when I am traveling. They easily remove your makeup when you want to sleep and make you feel so refreshed when you wake up – Seriously love these.

Hoodie – You have to remember that it might be day time and sunny when you leave but when you land, depending on where you are going it could be night time and chilly. I also like to use a hoodie as an extra blanket while on the plane. You can never be too cozy!

Earplugs – There is NOTHING worse than being on a short or long flight with a screaming child, especially if you are as intolerant as I am. I have also sat next to passengers who are major snorers and I seriously considered jumping out of the plane. BRING EARPLUGS!!

Mints – Just like to have these on me for a refresher, especially on a long fight.

Magazine – Although I usually have already read them from front to back by the time we take off, I always like to pick up a couple of the latest magazines while at the airport. In the past I have sat next to some very friendly people who I’ve traded magazines with which is a nice thing to do!

Neck Pillow – I have never traveled with one of these before, but I always steal Jakes and I’m not sure he will stand for it much longer! They are super easy to travel with, you can purchase them at the airport and will definitely make you more comfortable on your flight. So why not?

Hand Sanitizer – Planes are dirty! You can also easily get sick on planes. I carry hand sanitizer with me so I can always have clean hands without getting up and going to the bathroom every 5 mins. Especially if you don’t have an aisle seat, getting up can be a pain so its a great alternative to staying clean, germ free and healthy.

Lotion – Just like my lips, my skin can get dry on a long flight too, I like to carry lotion with me to freshen up and keep my skin soft. I would recommend an oil free lotion as skin is prone to breaking out on a plane.

2 Power Bars – We all know that plane food is disgusting. At least thats my opinion! Usually If I am going on a long fight, I will bring a small meal like a sandwich but I ALWAYS have a couple of granola bars in my hand luggage. They take up no room, they don’t go stale and you never know how long it might be before your next meal. Even when you land it could take hours to get off your plane, out of the airport and to your hotel so I highly recommend carrying them for a little pick me up. I have also given them away to fellow passengers who are feeing sick or kids who are irritable – Works like a charm!

Nytol – When on a long flight, the best thing to do is sleep. It makes the time go by faster, and it will help to combat jet lag when you arrive. I also like to take a sleeping pill the first few nights of a trip to get myself into a routine of sleeping through the night, so I can feel refreshed and ready to explore during the days.

Ipad/Laptop – If you have one and are able to travel with it easily, I would definitely pack it in your hand luggage rather than in your checked suitcase. Its nice to have the option to use during the flight. Although most international flights will not have access to wifi, you can pre download your favorite shows or movies to enjoy during your travels.

I hope this helps you when packing for all your adventures! I guarantee all of these will make your traveling even more enjoyable! xx

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