Bonjour Mon Cherie

Aaah Parie! This post is about my favorite city in the word thus far, Paris. Every time I go home to London, I make it a point to hop on the Eurostar and take a long weekend in Paris. It only takes a little over 2 hours to get from A to B and it is a dream to not have to get on a plane.

The first time I visited Paris, I was in complete awe. I felt like a child going to Disneyland for the first time. It seemed to good to be true. Paris is one of the only cities in Europe that was not affected by World War 2, so it is still in it’s original, beautiful state. The buildings are unimaginably detailed and just stunning. The funny thing about Paris, is everywhere you look you think you are seeing some incredible monument, when in fact, its just a ridiculously good looking pharmacy or coffee shop!

Paris is known to be the city of love, which was confirmed when I went there last year for a picturesque, romantic trip with my boyfriend. Myself, I consider it to be the city of love and FOOD! (and my love for food)

Frites, baguettes, macaroons, croissants, crepes, cheeses, escargot, I am drooling at my computer just thinking about the food in Paris. My favorite restaurant Paris is called Le Relais de l’Entrecote. What should you order? Don’t worry about it – this restaurant does not have a menu. But it does usually have a big line outside as soon as they open their doors at 7pm. Once you sit down, the waitress will come and ask you how you would like your meat cooked, well done, medium or rare. The concept of l’Entrecote (steak in french) is simple – steak & frites in a special sauce. Nobody will fully be able to describe what the sauce is, all I know is that its AMAZING.

WARNING: This is not the place for a vegetarian!

The best part? Once you’ve devoured your plate of food, the waitress will come and top it up with more steak and frites. My boyfriend describes this place as a carnivore’s wet dream. I recommend this place to everyone I know traveling to Paris and I always get thanked. My family have been going to l’Entrecote for generations but now it is becoming very popular, opening more locations in London and New York, but neither of them beat the original!

As gorgeous as Paris is during the day, it is even more beautiful at night. I highly recommend choosing to see the Eiffel Tower when it is lit up at night rather than during the day. If it is your first time in Paris, then I would definitely go up to the top to see the view of the city, BUT it is a misconception that the Eiffel tower has the best view of Paris… The major thing that is missing from the view at the top of the Eiffel Tower… is the Eiffel Tower!

In my opinion, the 2 best views in Paris are 100% free. One of the monuments you must visit in Paris is the Sacre Coeur. The most stunning church you will ever see, in my opinion, even more so than the Notre Dame. This is a great area as it is right next to the Artist’s Quarter and a few minuets away from the Moulin Rouge. Infront of the Sacre Coeur is an unbeatable view of Paris and as I said its completely free. This area is a great place to get a delicious Crepe, there are lots of carts around here.

Another great view of Paris is on top of the famous department store Printemps. The trendy 8-story department store has a rooftop restaurant with a 360 degree view of Paris that includes a very clear view of the Eiffel Tower. A great place to take pictures and yup its free!

Best places to shop? Rue Saint Honore and Avenue Montaigne are the best places to shop for high end designers. Many of the original Parisian fashion houses are located here; Hermes, Chanel & Christian Dior ect. Galleries Lafayette, Le Bon Marche, Printemps and Colette are 4 of the most beautiful department stores in the world but all totally different from one another. For more commercial and typical high street stores you can visit the Champs Èlysèes. Here is where the very first Louis Vuitton is located and that in itself is worth a visit, it takes up a whole block of the street. You won’t find any locals on the Champs Èlysèes as it has become very touristy. It is still definitely worth a visit and you can see a great view of the Arc De Triomphe which is at the top of the Champs Èlysèes.

This post has become very lengthy. I could continue to write about Paris for days on end. I will be posting a lot more about my favorite city later on including a list of the best places to eat, drink and be merry!

Until next time, au revoir!

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