Oh my Gaudi!

I recently made my way back to España! This time to explore the city of Barcelona. Although I have traveled to Spain many times, this was my first time in Barcelona and boy did I love it. The wonderful thing about Barcelona is the buzzing city vibe and the stunning architecture, yet you can also enjoy the beautiful beaches. It is great to have that combination in a city, especially when traveling. Our mornings consisted of exploring the little cobbled streets, gothic architecture and drinking endless cups of cafe con leche while afternoons were spent relaxing at the beach.


One of the things I looked forward to the most about visiting Barcelona, was getting to see Spanish Architect, Antoni Gaudi’s famous work in real life. Gaudi’s work is seen a lot around the city, and you can spot it from a mile away. After you’ve seen his work once, you will automatically know his style. I found myself walking around Barcelona saying “Thats Gaudi!…Thats Gaudi!”

La Sagrada Famillia is one of the most special things to see in Barcelona. The catholic church is unlike anything you’ve seen before. I have visited cathedrals all over the world including the Sacré Coeur and the Vatican and in my opinion this was even more breathtaking. Construction of the church started in 1882 and is still under construction! They estimate that it will be complete sometime around 2028. La Sagrada Famillia takes gothic architecture to a whole other level.

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Visiting La Sagrada Famillia takes a little planning. I highly recommend purchasing tickets online verses buying them at the ticket office. You can’t just go in at any time, you have to purchase a ticket for a specific time slot. Chances are that if you choose to buy your ticket at the ticket office, you will have to come back at a later time due to entry for that time already being full. Tickets are 15 euros each and there is usually a line, especially in the summer months, so be prepared to wait!

Another MUST see is Parc Güell. The Park was designed by Gaudi and opened in 1914. The public park consists of gardens and architecture designed by Gaudi. Again, it  would be best to pre book tickets as entry is for a specific time slot. Tickets are 7 euros. BE PREPARED TO WALK! Before you even get to the park there is a major trek involved. The park is located on top of Carmel Hill. I suppose you can’t expect to see a view of the whole of Barcelona without walking upwards a little!

 Once you get up there it is totally worth it. You could spend hours and hours walking around as there are lots of little paths and interesting things to see in all areas of the park. We spent a couple of hours there but you could easily turn it into a full day activity. If only we had more time!


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