The trip that I looked most forward to since the beginning of the year was my trip to the Greek Islands. After a quick pit stop in Athens, we explored the islands of Mykonos and Santorini.IMG_9281 (1) Upon my arrival to Mykonos, I could not get over how picturesque it was! I felt like I was in another world. White buildings that are repainted every morning, sapphire blue shutters and crystal clear water. Not to mention fresh greek salads and delicious 1 euro Gyros on every corner.IMG_9288The Island is small but not so easy to get around without some sort of transportation. Our vehicle of choice was of course an ATV, which we hired and used for our whole stay on Mykonos. I opted be the passenger and let Jake take the wheel as the narrow cobbled roads were quite daunting.IMG_9245 (1)Mykonos activities consist of great shopping, wonderful dining, hard partying and of course the island would be nothing without its stunning beaches. Read below for my top 3 beaches you must hit when visiting Mykonos:DCIM999GOPRO1. NAMOS PSAROU

For a beach to see and be seen, you definitely have to hit up Namos! Trendy restaurant by day and wild beach party by night, you will be sure to rub shoulders with the rich and famous! Put on your sexiest swimsuit and grab a cocktail for a day at the hippest beach club on Mykonos.IMG_92952. SUPER PARADISE

The water at this beach is incredible and there are tons of bars and restaurants here. This beach is perfect for the younger crowd who love to dance and party! Cheap cocktails, loud, great music and comfy beach chairs. For a fun photo op – swim 100 feet into the ocean and stand on the huge rock so it looks like you are standing on water! IMG_9290 (1)3. AGIA ANNA

If you have had enough of partying or are still recovering from the night before, head to this beach for a more calm experience with less loud music and partying. Agia Anna is more child friendly and overall, so relaxing and beautiful.IMG_9298

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