Those of you who follow my Instagram, may have seen that I have been traveling around Thailand for the last few weeks. After an extremely long flight and a couple of days of brutal jet lag, I am now up and running and will spend the next few weeks writing about the life changing experiences I had in Thailand.

What I loved about my trip, is that I encountered so many different types of environments and cultures without leaving the country. From the metropolitan city of Bangkok, to the tropical jungles of Chiang Mai to the calm and serene Thai Islands – there was something totally different to explore in each location I visited.

From Los Angeles I flew to Bangkok (did I mention it was long!?) The capital city is totally chaotic, filled with traffic, street food and markets. I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy the hustle and bustle of the city and then escape to the gorgeous hotels we stayed in, The Millennium Hilton and then the stunning Peninsula Hotel – both of which I highly recommend for those of you traveling to Bangkok.

1. The Grand Palace & Reclining Buddha

On our first day we explored these two monuments. This trip was my first time being in Asia so I had never seen anything like this before. It was amazing to see the detail and design of the temples and was so cool learning about Buddhism and the whole culture. Make sure your shoulders and knees are covered or they won’t let you into the temples.


2. PatPong Market

In the heart of the red light district is a bustling night market selling everything from Thai souvenirs, extremely affordable clothes and replica designer bags and watches. Also in this area is where you will catch a famous PingPong show…which believe me is not what is sounds. I would recommend googling it before planning to go! This area is renowned for pick pocketing so make sure you keep your belongings safe!FullSizeRender-2

3. MBK Shopping Center

Another shopping destination. Unlike any mall you have seen before! Filled with the same kind of goods as PatPong market but lots more to choose from. On the top floor is a wonderful Thai massage place for 200 baht for an hour – equivalent to $5! Unbeatable!

4. Floating Market

My favorite part of Bangkok was the Floating Market. About a 2 hour drive outside the center of  Bangkok is one of Thailand’s gems. A market selling fruits, fresh foods, jewelry, clothing and more only its all on water! All of the vendors are selling from their long boats and shoppers are also on a long boat. We had a someone rowing for us which I highly recommend! We sailed up and bought Jade bracelets and fresh coconut. Unlike anything I have ever done in any city and such a cultural experience.


5.  Lebua Hotel

For the most epic view of Bangkok at night. Go “Skybar” on the rooftop of the Lebua Hotel. The drinks are amazing and the view is unbeatable! This rooftop is famous as the Hangover 2 filmed some scenes up there!IMG_2982


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