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5 Things To Do in Tokyo

Tsujiki Fish Market
This one is kind of a given, especially if you have seen the famed Netflix documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I recommend getting here as early as possible, I’m taking 3am to watch the tuna auctions and eat the freshest fish you have ever had in your life! At first it will seem weird to eat Sushi so early in the morning but trust me when I say you will want to go back the next morning!

A Tea Ceremony
Japan is known for Matcha tea and it does not disappoint. I totally gave up coffee for the whole trip and drank Matcha latte’s. We went to a Tea House on a lake where we sat on the floor with our legs crossed and sipped on freshly brewed Matcha and special Japanese pastries. I highly recommend Nakakima Tea House for an authentic experience.
Im not kidding when I say that the shopping in Japan is probably the best in the world. I had more fun shopping here than I do in Paris and London combined. Japanese women are impeccably dressed and the fashion is amazing. If you are looking to go revamp your wardrobe, definitely check out the malls and boutiques in Ginza. Tokyu Plaza, Ginza Six and Chuo are some great places to do some damage.

We all remember Harajuku from the Gwen Stefani song, but it is definitely worth checking out. This crowded street is filled with wacky fashion and makeup, incredible desserts like crepes and boba, not to mention some Instagram worthy selfie spots.

By far the best part about Japan was the food! Sushi, ramen, udon, tempura, gyoza, kobe beef just to name a few! If you are feeling adventurous, I would definitely try an Omakase sushi dinner for a truly authentic experience. Stay tuned for my next post that will include all the restaurants that we loved!

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