About me

Millie Schindler


A Blonde Across the Pond is a source for creativity that embraces all things travel, fashion, food and everything in between. I started my blog as an expressive platform that I hope adds some excitement and inspiration to my every day life, and if I can do the same for a few others along the way, that would be an added bonus!

I was born and raised in London and made the big move across the pond in my mid teens. This experience shaped who I am today and taught me to be open to all kinds of backgrounds and cultures. I love to meet new people and learn about their story – with this came my love for traveling and exploring the world. My parents introduced travel to me at a very young age and I feel so lucky that I have been able to see so many parts of the world by the time I got to my teens. My blog features cities I have traveled to in more recent years.

I graduated from design school in 2012 and have been avidly working in the fashion industry with some of the biggest names in fashion ever since. Fashion has been a love of mine since I was very small, so getting to work in the industry is a dream come true.

When I am not working, I obviously love to travel, but I am also a major foodie! One of the best parts of traveling is getting to try foods and delicacies from all over the world, and even when I am home in Los Angeles I love to indulge in everything from the newest hot spots to street food to holes in the walls!

With my obsession with travel, my adoration for fashion as well as my love for food, this blog is a source for myself and other like minded, creative individuals. I am so happy to finally have a place to share all of my thoughts and experiences. Getting to work on this with my talented photographer, web designer boyfriend, Jake is just the cherry on top!

Millie xx