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5 Things To Do in Tokyo

Tsujiki Fish Market This one is kind of a given, especially if you have seen the famed Netflix documentary, Jiro Dreams of Sushi. I recommend getting here as early as possible, I’m taking 3am to watch the tuna auctions and eat the freshest fish you have ever had in your life! At first it will seem weird to eat Sushi so early in the morning but trust me when I say you will want to go back the next morning!…

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I am always searching for little bits of Parisian inspiration to bring to my every day life in Los Angeles. From the way I dress to the way I design my apartment to even the places I eat. There…

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When you think of Beverly Hills, the first thing that comes to mind is the iconic Beverly Hills Hotel. The hotel has been a favorite and even home to some of hollywoods biggest stars. I always love coming here…

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Up until a few weeks ago, Paris had always been my favorite city in the world – no question. But ever since arriving in Madrid, I began to feel like I was having a secret love affair and cheating…

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Foodie’s Guide To Barcelona

When it comes to delicious food, Barcelona nails it every time. From the quaint corner cafes to the chaotic mercados to buzzing tapas bars, your stomach will never be empty while traveling the scrumptious city.…

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Belgian Binge

Attn: Foodies! This post is about my recent trip to Brussels, Belgium. Once again I used the magical transportation that is the Eurostar to get from London to Brussels. My best friend, Carmen & I forced ourselves out of…

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Best Lobster Roll In The Hamptons

When I am in the Hamptons, or on the east coast in general, I am always on a mission to find the best lobster rolls. Eating freshly caught lobster is probably one of my favorite things about going to the…

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Viva Las Vegas

Vegas is only a hop skip and a jump away from Los Angeles. I have been going to Vegas about twice a year for the last 10 years.. So I have a lot of information to share! I am…