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Up until a few weeks ago, Paris had always been my favorite city in the world – no question. But ever since arriving in Madrid, I began to feel like I was having a secret love affair and cheating on Parie. I fell in love with the architecture, the people and not to mention the food. The whole city has an incredible vibe that I have never experienced anywhere else. Jake and I stayed in the heart of Madrid in…

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Food Travel

Foodie’s Guide To Barcelona

When it comes to delicious food, Barcelona nails it every time. From the quaint corner cafes to the chaotic mercados to buzzing tapas bars, your stomach will never be empty while traveling the scrumptious city.…


Oh my Gaudi!

I recently made my way back to EspaƱa! This time to explore the city of Barcelona. Although I have traveled to Spain many times, this was my first time in Barcelona and boy did I love it. The wonderful…


No Carbs Before Marbs

Growing up, I would spent a lot of time in Marbella, Spain because my family owns a house there, very close to Puerto Banus. I have countless memories of exploring Marbella as a child. The vibe in Marbella is…